VICS supporters have written to owner Jim Rushe to find out what plans he has to save the relegated club.

More than 100 fans voted in favour of Northwich Victoria Supporters Trust penning a letter that asked the most important questions to which they want an answer.

The Guardian can today publish the text in full.

It reads:

Dear Jim

FOLLOWING a meeting last Thursday, May 3, attended by more than 100 supporters, the trust board has been asked to write this open letter to you on behalf of a significant proportion of the fan base.

It has genuine and significant concerns regarding the lack of information being issued in relation to the future of Northwich Victoria Football Club.

These fans feel very much in limbo regarding the club’s future, your plans and the timescale involved.

Vics fans have experienced many highs and lows in the last 10 years.

Unfortunately, just recently, there have been more lows than highs.

Despite excellent performances on the pitch, we have seen our team relegated to the lowest level it has played at in the last century as a result of the club failing to meet its obligation to service the CVA.

This has lead to significant doubts about the short and long term viability of the club.

In addition, the fact that we ‘lost’ our home stadium and that we now face playing our ‘home’ matches at Stafford next season is causing great unrest for the Vics supporters.

This is further compounded by the lack of clear direction from the club and a lack of visibility of any actions that you have in place to resolve these issues.

This letter has been initiated in response to a request from a meeting of fans last week, many of whom are seeking assurances regarding your plans.

The principal issues that are of concern are outlined below:

Given that the move to Stafford will inevitably result in a significant decrease in income, please could you provide details of how you intend to ensure the club can remain viable while it is ‘in exile’?

A ground share at Stafford cannot be a viable, long term option.

What plans do you have to assist supporters in travelling to Stafford for home matches [next season]?

What plan do you have in place to bring the club back to Northwich?

Please could you provide a response to a statement issued by former administrator Gary Pettit to the Northwich Guardian on Friday, April 27.

Given that it is a matter of public record that you have not been servicing the CVA and that there is a threat of a petition to wind up Northwich Victoria Football Club (2004) Ltd, what plans are in place to address this situation?

How are you intending to defend a winding up petition, and what are the implications for Northwich Victoria Football Club (2007) Ltd?

Please could you provide an outline of how you see the club’s position in relation to the league?

How does it view the fact that the football club has not serviced the CVA?

How will this effect the future placement of the club in the National League System?

Fans would appreciate an indication from the club as to how the current situation will be addressed.

They want to be confident that the club will be sustainable, and that in future we can get to the end of a season without the fear of relegation for off-field problems.

While these concerns were raised by the fanbase as a whole, the trust board would like to repeat our previous offer to work with you through this difficult time.

As we have stated before, both directly to you and in public statements, we want to assist the club with the aim securing long term sustainability for generations of Vics fans in the future.

If everyone is to pull together for the future of Vics, then there needs to be a clear and credible strategy for the future of the club that addresses the concerns outlined above.

A meeting of Vics fans has been planned for Saturday, May 19.

You are welcome to attend; it could provide an opportunity to communicate your plans directly to a significant number of supporters.

While we would appreciate your attendance, the issues we have outlined in this letter are causing such concern that we would be grateful if you could provide a written response to the them within the next seven days.

Vics fans care passionately about the club, and uncertainty surrounding the future is causing significant distress and frustration while at the same time undermining support for the current set-up.

As this is an open letter, details will be published in a number of media and we would seek to do the same with any response.

Yours sincerely

Board of Northwich Victoria Supporters Trust (on behalf of Northwich Victoria supporters)