NORTHWICH Victoria are still waiting to bank prize money earned by the team on their run to the FA Cup’s second round last season.

They played five matches, two of which were broadcast live on terrestrial television, to accumulate a cash reward worth around £180,000.

But the game’s governing body would not pay up until the company that pays the players’ wages – Northwich Victoria Football Club (2004) Ltd – came out of administration.

That happened almost eight weeks ago.

“The FA wants clarification on one or two more things before releasing the money,” said owner Jim Rushe yesterday, Tuesday.

“They aren’t major issues; one is to do with crowd figures and another related to transfer fees we’ve received for our players over the past few months.

“I’m confident they can be resolved quickly.”

He proposes a new firm, Northwich Victoria Football Club (2007) Ltd, buys the old one and takes on the responsibility of paying off a proportion of its debts in monthly instalments over a five-years period.

The FA has insisted on thorough checks before agreeing to the sale.

“We continue to liaise with the former administrator of the club in relation to the application FA Cup rule 25,” said a spokesman.

A delay in releasing the six-figures sum means the club’s creditors, who agreed to a dividend of 42p in every pound owed to them last December, continue to wait too.

That offer, which breached Football Conference rules that insisted on full repayment of cash owed, led to Vics’ expulsion from Blue Square North in May.

However this week the Conference gave the biggest hint yet that Vics – and Salisbury City – would be accepted as members next summer should they win promotion this time around.

“We would not wish for double jeopardy but I do not wish to pre-judge or pre-empt any situation,” general manager Dennis Strudwick told the Guardian.

“I cannot give a definitive reply about any club until all its circumstances are known.

“My understanding is that Northwich will be required to be compliant with its CVA, if such a condition still prevails at the time they apply to rejoin the Conference.”