FOLLOWING an emergency meeting to decide its future, Winsford Cricket Club say the outlook for the club has now “greatly improved.”

As such, they are now set to field teams for the 2024 season and 136 years of cricket in the town will continue.

Last week, the emergency meeting was called with considerable doubt around whether or not they would have enough players to form a team for the new season.

In a social media post following Saturday’s meeting, however, the club have indicated a “bolstered confidence” about their future following the response to their call for help.

“A warm and sincere thank you to all who joined us for the emergency meeting at Winsford Cricket Club,” the club posted on their Facebook page.

“Your presence has greatly improved our outlook and bolstered our confidence in the club's future.

“We are grateful to all who have offered their support during this time and are excited to start the season with both new and original players alike

“The club holds a very special place in the hearts of many, in particular our family, and we are dedicated to working tirelessly to secure its longevity.

“Once again, a heartfelt thank you to you all.”

The team will now take their place in Division Three of the Cheshire Cricket League and are slated for their first match on Saturday as they host Tranmere Victoria at Knight’s Grange Sports Complex.

Before the weekend, though, the prospect of them being able to field a team for that fixture and beyond appeared highly doubtful.

Mark Skellon, who has been associated with the club since 1976, had made a social media appeal for people to attend the meeting.

His post read: "This club is a huge part of my life, it’s engrained in my DNA, it’s in my blood, so many memories, lifelong friends have been made.

"On Saturday afternoon at 4pm we have an emergency meeting to decide if we close the doors for the final time, it is that serious.

"We currently don’t have enough players to put out one team never mind two, which we had last season and now a decision has to be made as to the direction the club must take.

"I’m appealing to everyone who cares about this club to attend the meeting, any players old and new are needed so if you can play or know anyone who fancies a game please get recruiting.

"We also need volunteers to fulfill roles within the club too. If my plea sounds desperate it is, it is also from the heart.

"Winsford is on the brink of losing a great club. Remember those afternoons in the sunshine watching the team, do we really want to lose all that because it’s happening quickly.

"The sun is setting rapidly on Winsford Cricket Club."