Stuart Greenhalgh brings us the latest Mid-Cheshire bowls news...

THE Brunner Cup last 32 has thrown up a tie between two giants of Mid Cheshire bowling – Wharton Cons vs Castle Sports.

Many other Mid Cheshire sides have tough jobs to get to the last 16. Below are the games with Mid Cheshire involvement – matches will be played on Saturday, April 20.

Sale Excelsior vs Meadowbank BC at Mobberley Victory Hall, Castle Sports A vs Wharton Cons at Crosstown BC, Poynton Sports vs Barnton CC at LMRCA, Tixall BC vs Owley Wood at Hoole Alexander Park BC, Victoria vs Crewe Bowling Club at Knutsford BC, Lever Club vs Castle Sports B at Runcorn War Memorial, Middlewich RBL vs Davenham Rec at Wharton Cons, Lloyd Hotel vs Shavington at Winnington Park No 1, Swettenham BC vs Moulton RBL at Crewe Bowling Club,  Frodsham Red Lion vs Crewe PO at Middlewich CC, Rudheath Bowls vs Mersey Valley A at Monks Sports

Meanwhile, there were no big surprises in last Friday’s Littler Cup results.

With one result yet to be given, the last 16 play on Friday with perhaps the most interesting tie being Rudheath A vs Victoria.

As a new team to the league, Victoria have a healthy handicap for the quality of their team. Venues have not yet been confirmed.

Littler Cup last 16 fixtures

Comberbach B vs Owley Wood A, Winner of Match No3 vs Wharton Cons A, Castle S&SC A vs Lk Graylams, Wharton Cons B vs Rudheath Bowls B, Rudheath Bowls A vs Victoria, Crewe PO vs Middlewich RBL A, Frod Red Lion A vs Kingswood BC, Barnton CC A vs Winnington A

Mid Cheshire’s first Federation bowls match of 2024 ended with the team coming out on the losing side against Furness, losing 20 points to 12.

The away team at Lindal – a very tough venue to visit as a visiting side – struggled, losing 11 of the 12 games with Darran Beardmore our only winner as he triumphed 21-16.

The home team at Helsby recorded nine winners, with Glyn Walton winning 21-4.

Home results from Helsby

Andy Hamman 21-13 Zach Walker, Simon White 21-8 Tony Whitehouse, Paul Drinkwater 21-11 Jonny Richardson, Ian Howell 21-14 Chris D’leny, Emma Earlam 21-12 Colin Knipe, Nick Hamman 17-21 Adam Miller, Glyn Walton 21-4 Callum Sharples, Matt Thurlwell 21-18 Paul Knott, Andy Gregory 21-17 Darren Mountford, L Bebbington 19-21 Dave Kent, James Gurney 18-21 Steven Waugh, Adrian Faulkner 21-14 Danny Rogers

Away results from Lindal

Barry Lowden 21-12 Mark Ball, Chris Irvine 21-15 Andy Campbell, James Duffin 16-21 Darran Beardmore, Martin Barrow 21-6 Jack Bushell, Graham Rigg 21-19 Graham Donnelly, Harry Preston 21-17 Paul Phillips, Derek Bell 21-17 Robert Winnington, Fraser Rigg 21-13 Steve Proctor, Paul Curwen 21-16 Owen Cookson, Ethan Lowden 21-15 Simon Cookson, Paul Thompson 21-6 Paul Dooley, Liam Howard 21-11 Paul Charlesworth

A brand-new mixed pairs competition is being run on Sunday, April 21, at Comberbach Bowling Club.

The bar is open all day and food will be available, with the first group of bowlers starting at 10am.

There is such a great field of quality bowlers from within and outside of Mid Cheshire, well worth a watch.

Draw numbers on arrival.


Lester Bebbington & Tamsin Birkett, Peter Dolan & Elaine Garner, James Fitzpatrick & Katrina Lockwood, Dave Hanson & Sarah Weaver, Andy Hamman & Emily Gowen, Tony Judson & Linda Hough, Dave Orr & Paula Gamon, Alan Riley & Diane Riley


Steve Barber & Cath Wain, Dave Dickenson & Pat Kennedy, David O'Brien & Cal Thurlwell, Martin Gaut & Ange Gaut, Paul Sadler & Pam Thompson, Owen Cookson & Carly Williams, Eddie Gowen & Janet Cross, Matt Thurlwell & Katie Harrop


Nick Thorpe & Partner, Keith Burgess & Julie Burgess, Andy Williams & Debbie Williams, Jason Taylor & Andrea Bell, George Stiff & Carolyn Stiff, Paul Drinkwater & Sarah Drinkwater, Nathan Dobson & Fern Beaumont, Chris Morris & Wendy Allen


Paul Roberts & Jane Roberts, Darren O'Hanlon & Heather O’Hanlon, Mark Nichols & Kim Montgomery, Robert Winnington & Emma Earlam, Karl Rogers & Kiera, Jonathan Bradshaw & Julie Dickson, Damian Morrison & Nic Boulton, Neil Slattery & Stacey Dyson