The inaugural Shavington Social Club Open Bowls Competition took place on Saturday, with 32 bowlers from around the country.

A good contingent of Mid Cheshire players entered the competition, with Ian Wassell coming through the field to beat Tom Killen 21-8 in the final.

Ian has only recently moved away from the Mid Cheshire area to Sheffield.

Full results:

First round: Steve Hamman 14 David Bamford 21, Mick Simpson 21 Lee Thursfield 19, Jack Bushell 21 Mel Higham 20, Gary Whitehall 14 Ian Wassell 21, Joe Killen 21 Ant Lloyd16, Dan Corbett 13 Chris Stretch 21, Jamie Bramley 21 Paul Drinkwater 7, Neil Wright 15 Steve Proctor 21, Adam Coxon 21 Darran Beardmore19, Derek Wright 18 Barry Booth 21, Andy Hamman 21 Darren Stanway 7, Mark Melvin 21 Jake Bramley 17, Tom Killen 21 Ian Simpson 10, Cedric Bancroft 21 Eamon Doran 6, Chris Kearn 20 Kevin Duncalf 21, Martin Davies 10 Andy Booth 21.

Second round: D Bamford 21 M Simpson 16, J Bushell 16 I Wassell 21, J Killen 11 C Stretch 21, J Bramley 21 S Proctor 5, A Coxon 21 B Booth 10, A Hamman 15 M Melvin 21, T Killen 21 C Bancroft 14, K Duncalf 16 A Booth 21

Quarter finals: D Bamford 4 I Wassell 21, C Stretch 17 J Bramley 21, A Coxon 18 M Melvin 21, T Killen 21 A Booth 20.

Semi finals: I Wassell 21 J Bramley 16, M Melvin 15 T Killen 21

Final: I Wassell 21 T Killen 8

Meanwhile, the Mid Cheshire Bowling league kicks off this week with the preliminary round of the Littler Cup.

The standout match sees Crewe Post Office – last year’s winners – take on Alsager Institute, both teams know Shavington very well.

Comberbach B last year’s runner up play Moulton RBL B at Comberbach and league newcomers Victoria play Barnton CC D at Crosstown.

Full list of ties:

Moulton RBL B v Comberbach B at Rudheath S≻ Rudheath Bowls C v Davenham D at Comberbach; Wharton Rec A v Owley Wood A at Castle S&SC 2; Winsford Cons A v Owley Wood D at Delamere; Frod Red Lion B v Comberbach C at Owley Wood 2; Wharton Cons A v Winsford Cons B at Davenham; Kelsall v Crosstown A at Middlewich RBL; Sandbach Park B v Crowton at Wharton Cons; Owley Wood C v Comberbach A at Winnington 1; Barnton CC C v Lk Graylams at Cuddington; Davenham B v Davenham C at Moulton RBL; Castle S&SC C v Wharton Cons B at Frod Red Lion; Winnington B v Owley Wood B at Crowton; Shavington B v Rudheath Bowls B at Owley Wood 1; Helsby A v Sandbach Park A at Meadowbank; Rudheath Bowls A v Davenham A at Winsford Cons; Tarporley B v Moulton RBL A at Kingswood; Victoria v Barnton CC D at Crosstown; Alsager Inst v Crewe PO at Shavington; Castle S&SC D v Meadowbank at Barnton CC; Middlewich Community BC v Tarporley A at Wharton Rec No1