WHAT a sorry state of affairs the local sporting scene has become at adult level.

And I have a question to ask at the end of these points.

Take football for example.

Northwich Victoria, 1874 Northwich and Winsford United are all looking like relegation fodder this season.

The modern-day Vics are a shadow of their former selves and some wonderful times at the Drillfield.

Slowly but surely, the survivors of administrations and, in truth, a mutiny of fans from which the 1874 club was born, have withered to become what they are today.

Their cause was not helped before this season started when the FA reallocated them to the Midlands Football League, but they’re on a slippery slope out of the Premier Division and currently have no manager.

As has been reported in the Guardian on many occasions, The Trickies have not won a league match since November. They have not won a league game away from home all season.

They do not have their own ground anymore, and recently made the move to the far-from-ideal Barton Stadium when learning their time sharing Witton Albion’s Wincham Park was coming to an end.

I say ‘far from ideal’ because the pitch drainage at Winsford United’s ground makes it very difficult for one team to complete its home schedule, never mind two!

1874 Northwich have been bottom of their league all year, and for part of last.

The board there are currently seeking out a third manager of the season.

They are another club without their own ground and currently share with lower-league Barnton at their Townfield Lane stadium.

Winsford are another club impacted by the FA’s reallocation process of last summer, meaning they pushed for voluntary relegation in order to continue playing more locally than in the Midlands League they were being moved to.

And despite dropping a division, they have been in the relegation zone for most of the season and seem destined to be playing in the Cheshire League in future.

A new board is in place but we do not know at this time what impact they can have on the club’s future.

Thankfully Witton Albion are showing some fighting spirit and keeping the wick burning for football in Northwich at the moment.

Barnton have been inconsistent and look to be neither in trouble or able to push for promotion.

There’s high hopes for the new team being run by Rob Hopley, Winsford Town, but their starting point is a low one and it is impossible to know how many ladders they can climb. They’re having a great season though, so credit to them for that.

You have to question whether Northwich is big enough to have so many teams, but I fear tribalism and blinkers within each club in not seeing the bigger picture would ever prevent something like a merger.

Among this backdrop, it would be good to turn to the rugby union clubs for some joy and hope.

But both Northwich and Winnington Park are third from bottom of their respective leagues and skating on thin ice.

Soon it will be the cricket season, and I wonder how many clubs will have enough players to run second teams this year because the numbers have been dwindling and dwindling for some time.

I know I’m painting a gloomy picture, and I would point out this is not my usual persona.

I’m also aware that there are some terrific achievements across the town in many sports at junior and youth level, which is wonderful for our towns and you have to praise everybody involved in making that happen – the kids, the parents, the coaches, the volunteers.

But it leaves me wondering and puzzled as to why these successes do not seem to be translating into adulthood sport in our towns.

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this.

Mike Jones,


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