HERE'S just some of the reasons people are stating for signing the Northwich Victoria or Winsford United petitions against the two clubs’ moves to the Midlands League, as allocated by the FA for the 2022/23 season.

Winsford United petition:

Caroline Blair-Garrett: Football in Winsford brings the town together, therefore its much needed here. Our children are growing up with the knowledge of how the junior leagues works and many have the ambition to go further. Please do not deter them from this.

Janet Smith: I used to watch Winsford as a child with my dad. Many happy Saturday afternoons. The burden placed on the club by this ridiculous decision may threaten its future. Another blow to non-league football.

Adrian Hinde: Grassroots football is integral to community identity

James Bancroft: Non-league football should be local.

What the Vics chairman is saying about the FA decision

Jim Mooney: Because Winsford are a North West Counties team, drawing their players from North West Counties and not the Midlands. The travel demands for many away matches for semi pro players will be ridiculous. This is an ill thought plan an jeopardises the clubs very existence.

Ron Bogue: Winsford united is more than a club to me a lot of family history and happy memories need to stay where we belong

Nigel Taylor: I am a Winsfordian and United should remain where they have been for 140 years. This proposed move makes no sense at all.

Steve Larkin: I thought the FA and the league were there to help grass roots football, this is a disgrace

You can still sign the Winsford United petition here. At the time of writing, 936 have signed

Northwich Victoria petition:

Alistair Hunt, Northwich: Northwich Victoria is a Northwest club, not a midlands one. The cost implications are considerable and unfair. Also the number of current player’s who will leave due to the increased distances travelled will be significant. A disgraceful decision without any thought for the club, it’s staff or fans, all of who will suffer dramatically.

Angela Taylor, Crewe: NVFC has 149 years of history. It is the biggest club in northwich with a junior section, a junior girls section and a women’s section. The work of volunteers and sponsors has been immense to get where we are. This ridiculous decision would mean the club would lose the entire squad they have built up weeks before pre-season starts

Carl Redford: Vics is and always has been. Nort West. You can’t take away the history and roots of a club like this. FA are supposed to support the smaller clubs not send them out of existence.

You can still sign the Northwich Victoria petition here. At the time of writing, 830 have signed