THE VICS COLUMN – by Peter Tonge

WELL the excitement is beginning to grow as football fever starts to take hold after lying dormant for six months.

Hopes had been raised and then dashed but finally it looks like its coming home…well, to Northwich at least!

With the Euros having started a week ago, we can now look forward to proper football restarting as Vics resume training on Saturday, June 19, in readiness for the upcoming season which kicks off on July 31.

Let’s hope we get to complete it this time to give a true test of ability and skill over a whole season.

With the season starting so early on, it’s a short pre-season campaign with Vics having only six training sessions before the first of seven planned friendlies in July.

This year, early season training is taking place down at the Grange Playing Fields off Northwich Road, Hartford with sessions at 1pm on Saturdays and 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays (unless England are playing).

I’m sure there will be a few supporters down there, not only to support the lads but to spy which players are there!

Who is returning? Who is joining up? Is there any new young talent being looked at? All part of the fun and a great opportunity for the rumour mill to start grinding into operation.

No doubt some players will impress whilst others will fall by the wayside but it’s an exciting time for the fans as they strain their eyes to identify their new heroes for the season.

Surely that was Ronaldo over there? Well Steve Wilkes does have good contacts!

Anyway, there’s just a few weeks for players to impress and stake their claim for a chance to show their true ability in the friendly pre-season matches, which show a step up as the weeks progress.

We start with two warm-up matches against our friends at Winnington Avenue 94 and then Bolton Lads Club before Vics’ now annual away day in Wales when we take on Prestatyn Town on Saturday, July 10.

Next up is another seaside away day with a trip to NWC League One club AFC Blackpool.

By now, the nucleus of the team should be shaping up as we encounter harder tasks with three matches at Wincham Park against Chester, Witton Albion and City of Liverpool FC completing the fixtures before the big kick-off.

Full details on all these matches will of course be on our website and social media channels as they draw near along with all the latest signings and players news as league registration opens.

I for one can’t wait to be back.

It’s been a long six months or so without the Vics and like all non-league clubs, they will need as much support as possible as non-league sort of got left by the wayside to fend for itself during the pandemic, so why not make it this season that you get down to watch? You’d be most welcome!