FROM the perspective of a fan-owned club, the ongoings of the last few days involving a European Super League will have been staggering to watch unfold – and not in a good way.

Vicki England – club secretary at 1874 Northwich – has spoken of her dismay of the situation from a football fan and secretary’s perspective.

Following the English club’s removing themselves from the league after fans made their stance against it clear, England was best pleased to see that happen.

“I’m delighted they’re not going ahead with this,” she said.

“I’m with most other people in the country other than Ed Woodward and the Glazers that it shouldn’t have happened.”

“I have two hats on, I am also a Manchester United supporter and always have been. It’s just completely one end of the spectrum with it being wrong.

“And then the other hat on is ’74, which is a fantastic model.

“Supporters are at the heart of everything and for me.

“This is how football should be now, whether you’d get it at United and those clubs with it being such a big business but for me, football clubs should be in the hands of its supporters.”

Just how big of a role should fans play in the heart of clubs in England’s eyes?

“100% ownership ideally, but certainly for the bigger clubs I’d love to see more fan representation on the board and so they stick to the roots and also keep supporters at the heart of everything,” she said.

“Supporters are everything and we see that at 1874. They make it tick and make it successful.

“It’s essential to keep fans involved. It’s how we operate.

“The further up the food chain you go, I do think it’s really important that fans play a role because they are the lifeblood of the club.

“It’s a community, they are the family.”

And England would love to see a similar ‘50+1’ model adopted in England to Germany, where the fans hold a majority of their own voting rights.

“I would be ecstatic if we could have something like that in England,” she said.

“I would love United to be on that model. I’m not sure it would ever happen, but that would be ideal.

“When you come down the steps and you get your 1874s, your FC Uniteds, your Runcorn Linnets – the club is in the hands of the people that care and that will do the best by it.

“There are no quick fixes. So we’re not going to have that millionaire that’ll come in and put loads of money in and give us a quick promotion or a quick boost, but this is the way we like it.

“Any success will be grown by the people that look after the club, and if it takes a little bit longer then so be it.

“But we know that nobody can come into 1874 and take it down the wrong path because we, the fans, won’t let that happen.”