MEMBERS are starting to rally around a Northwich sports club after an urgent plea regarding finances.

The committee of Barnton Cricket Club, which is based off Townfield Lane adjacent to Barnton Community Primary School, has issued an urgent notice concerning 'feeling the pinch' as a result of its closure during the coronavirus pandemic.

Support is currently being pledged on social media after a rallying call by volunteer committee members of the not-for-profit organisation who feel 'quite stressed' about the situation in 'very trying times'.

The committee statement to members reads: "Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and like many other businesses, the club is now starting to feel the pinch financially.

"Since the beginning of the first lockdown in March last year, the combined length of closures so far is around six months, and this current closure looks set to last for at least another two months on top of this.

"And when we did reopen last year, it was in some kind of limited capacity, meaning that we were only breaking even financially at best.

"Due to the space restrictions imposed by the Government, we were unable to hold any club or private functions which are a lucrative source of extra income for the club.

"Even while closed, we still have some outgoings. We still have to maintain the club's surrounds, particularly the cricket pitch and bowling green in readiness for the opening of their respective seasons at some point.

"We still have to pay electricity (£700 per month), water rates (£400 per month), insurance (£2,500 per year), 50 per cent of our bin rental costs (£1,000 per year) among others."

To ease the position, the committee are requesting members to contribute money.

"We are asking all members to make a donation to the club either equal to, or greater than the cost of renewing their membership," continues the statement.

"From this donation, we will renew your membership and any excess will be added on to your club card for you to use when we finally reopen.

"This time next year, when we are hopefully in a better financial position, we will look at reducing the cost of membership renewals to reflect the closures of the past year."

The statement continues: "We would like to remind our members that we are a “Not For Profit” organisation which means that every penny of our surplus in better times is put back into the club to make it a better and more enjoyable place for all when they visit.

"We aren’t owned by a large national company who can pay their outlet's outgoings whilst they are closed, we are self-financing.

"None of the committee are paid for their time, effort and commitment that they put in, but even so, the current situation is proving quite stressful as we all care passionately about the club and want to see it thriving for many years to come, but these are unprecedented and very trying times."

Membership costs:

65 and over: single £10, dual £20

18 to 64: single £17, dual £32

Visit the club's Facebook page HERE for details of how to donate.