THE 1874 COLUMN – by Matt Waters

AS the 2020/21 season looks unable to continue, our chairman Steve Richardson released a statement to members on behalf of the board as we seek an alternate resolution to null and void.

The proposal read: “We are not happy that another null and void scenario be imposed on clubs.

“It is our belief that even if no more football is played, the efforts of players, management and club volunteers should still be recognised.

“Given that so few matches have been played this year, it is clearly not possible to finalise this season on PPG (points per game) based on this season alone.

“However, we do believe that the football authorities should consider reinstating last season’s results and awarding final placings for season 20/21 based on PPG of combined 19/20 and 20/21 seasons.

“This is a position proposed by a growing number of clubs and 1874 Northwich FC have added their name to that list. A response to the FA survey has been completed and returned, reflecting this position.”

The prospect of two incomplete seasons ending through null and void does not take into account the hard work people at our level put in and would again show the deeper divide in the current football pyramid.

Talking in more depth on the statement, Steve added he believes this option gives supporters a reason to keep doing what they’re doing.

He said: “It’s a lot to ask the people who have done all they can to get football back over the past two years to be okay with it being thrown away.

“It gives supporters a reason to keep doing what they are doing and it allows the FA to continue the restructure they’ve been planning.

“A lot of clubs may think playing four times a week might be a good idea, but we know first-hand how hard that is and we as a board came to a collective decision that the season should stop.

“We felt as a board the season should conclude but not in the way the FA are describing and this is a more than credible option.”

Steve finally added that he believes that no lessons have been learnt by governing bodies and he hopes it changes quickly.

“If they don’t find a way to end the season in a proper way, the season will stagnate,” he said.

“Football is about new experiences and it’s a big ask to ask clubs to go in to next year trying to play the same season for the third time.

“I think it’s ridiculous we are in this situation and it doesn’t seem like any lessons have been learnt.

“To think we are in a situation now where for players and supporters alike whatever we do is not going to be recognised is absolutely soul destroying.”

“It’s my view that if football is to continue and grow from where we are now, combining the two seasons allows the pyramid to move forward in the way it’s supposed too.”