1874 Northwich's managers and players have given the thumbs up to the new shirt that pays tribute to frontline coronavirus workers and is influenced by the fans.

Wayne Goodison, who co-manages the team with Paul Bowyer, revealed the club came together as one in producing the new look and feel for 2020-2022.

“We all really like it," said Goodison.

"For me, Paul and the players we have been involved in the process and seen how its developed and we feel it captures our identity.

Northwich Guardian:

"The players have been consulted on certain aspects of the kit because they have to be comfortable in the shirt and they’re looking forward to wearing it.”

Club officials consider the shirt an evolution on past kits, while maintaining the club’s progressive values.

Fans were invited to submit designs, and the final product is described as an adaption of a kit submitted by Mockup FC fused with the brief to keep it ‘1874’.

Northwich Guardian:

Scott McGowan in the home kit 1874 Northwich wore last season. Picture: Frank Oakes

Luke Bushnell-Wye, the man behind the creative process, said: “We were stunned with the response that we got.

"In the end, we narrowed it down to two, and then one which we just felt would be more versatile as a design.”

A conscious effort was made not to emulate the club's bold away kit design.

Northwich Guardian:

Jake Parker in the away kit that came out last season. Picture: Frank Oakes

“There's more freedom with an away kit to do something different, whereas the home kit has to represent the club and not stray too far from tradition," said Luke.

"I think we’ve produced something that is strikingly different, and yet instantly recognisable as an 1874 Northwich kit, and that was the aim.”

Northwich Guardian:

He added: “It is absolutely crucial that the kit matches the ethos of the club.

"A club's brand isn't just what colours you play in and what kind of football you play, it's also what you stand for off the pitch and what kind of club you want to be.

"People know the story of 1874; forward thinking is in our DNA.”

The shirt pays tribute to NHS and social care workers, with a rainbow pattern on the hem.

"It's a simple gesture, but the rainbow also represents hope at the end of the storm, and when we see our players on the pitch wearing this kit, it will be thanks in part to the efforts of those vital workers that we will have reached that point,” he explained.

Another detail is the appearance of Roman numerals.

“The numbers on the side represent the foundation date of the club, the meeting at which members voted to start their own club," he said.

"Without the decisive steps taken at that meeting, we wouldn't be talking about this kit so I'm delighted to have the chance to include a reference to it in this shirt.

"I think of it like a reminder to strike out, be bold, and take responsibility. I find it inspiring to think of, so I hope the players do too when they wear it

"I'm delighted with the overall design. I set out to take the best elements from the winning design and bring them into a kit that is quintessentially '74', and I think the result speaks for itself.”

The shirt is priced £38 adults, £28 juniors.