THE 1874 COLUMN - By Matt Waters

FOR many clubs across the football pyramid, Covid-19 has created many unfortunate financial implications.

Thanks to prudent financial management, 1874 Northwich are able to weather this period.

Chairman Steve Richardson, in discussing what it’s like running a club like ours in the current climate, said he is pleased that we have been able to support St Luke’s Hospice.

He said: “I have been extremely proud of how the club’s supporters have responded to our appeal to assist St Luke’s Hospice during this difficult time.

“A major part of our football club’s ethos has from the beginning been to engage with our local community in order to benefit local organisations.

“The Covid-19 lockdown has prevented St Luke’s from holding the majority of its summer fundraising activities so we wanted to help, so far raising just under £1000 for the hospice.”

The decision to null and void the 2019/20 season disappointed everybody at the club, however Steve believes it was important to deal with it in a “balanced and professional manner.”

He continued: “The abrupt ending of the 2019/20 season due to Covid-19 was understandable but still a difficult situation for many sports clubs, ourselves included.

“The position that we found ourselves in pushing for promotion with only a few games left to play and then having that scenario pulled from underneath us was difficult to accept. The disappointment of many involved at the club was palpable, however as a club I believe that we have dealt with it in a balanced and professional manner.”

Despite our season concluding prematurely, Steve has many fond memories from the season.

He said: “The performance of everyone associated with the club was a joy to behold.

“Everyone involved through from management, players, volunteers and supporters all had smiles on their faces, the atmosphere around the club was electric.

“It was a great honour to be awarded NWCFL Club of the Month on three occasions, plus coming top of the league’s discipline and respect table for the season.”

Steve rounded off the interview talking about how 1874 is a community club.

He added: “As a supporter owned community football club it is vital that during this period in which we have been unable to get together to enjoy the football, we have worked hard to keep in touch with our supporters. Our vibrant social media network plus the club’s weekly newsletter has ensured that supporters are kept abreast of any significant developments.

“As chairman I will try to ensure that 1874 Northwich progresses in a measured and sustainable manner. I will try to bring enjoyable and entertaining football to the area, whilst at all times remembering that this club belongs to its supporters, they’re its lifeblood and without them it would not exist.”