NORTHWICH Rugby has welcomed its latest recruits – Glenn, aged 72, and Miles, aged 58.

The prospect of taking up rugby might not seem the most relaxing option as a retirement hobby, but as Britain’s generation reaches retirement ‘walking rugby’ sets out to attract players up to the age of 80 to the game and older players give the game a more genteel pace.

During the warmer months 30-plus attended our walking rugby sessions and winter numbers have slightly decreased but 16-plus regularly attend at Moss Farm every Monday from 7pm.

Miles said: “As a 58-year-old unfit electrician, who retired from competitive rugby around the age of 38 due to family commitments and ongoing back trouble, being self employed I could not risk further injury.

“Twenty years later the realisation of how unfit I have become has hit home and the need for exercise is high on the priority list.

“It was first mentioned to me by one of my customers around 12 months ago, a wonderful couple who had a passion for it and were several years older than myself. My curiosity was tweaked.

“Northwich RUFC, my old club, started the walking rugby and I figured I would simply wander down and see what all the fuss was about.

“Once there I saw so many of the old faces with their various aches and pains and somewhat large bellies and missing hair chucking a rugby ball around once again with big smiles on their faces. The pace looked enough for me to be happy to give it a try, no pun intended.

“Sure enough the following week I turned up and joined in and thoroughly enjoyed myself despite my protesting lungs and the urge to run not walk. I was hooked to the point of buying a new set of go faster boots.

“The renewed camaraderie that really only a rugby club can provide makes my Monday nights at Moss Farm a must.

“I love the fact that there is so much diversity in abilities. It truly is a sport for everyone. We have husbands and wives, fathers and daughters, brothers, of all ages.

“I feel I have to promote the walking rugby to everyone I meet as you just never know what goes on for people and often simply getting out for an hour or so in good company can change a life.

“At Northwich I have found a very welcoming group of people who enjoy the thrill of a good pass or a swivel of the hips and dip of the shoulder only to hear the magical words of ‘stop running’ as you are about to score the best try ever. I truly hope this sport goes from strength to strength.”

The social activity is equally as important to the physical, members are encouraged into the bar following games for a drink, food and general chatter. Our group have also entertained the Sale Sharks crowd with half-time demonstrations, they have become an active bunch of socialites.

Anyone can play walking rugby at Northwich RUFC regardless of age, gender or ability. We put emphasis on helping to integrate the youth and senior generation into becoming more physically active and also more connected mentally and socially.

Glenn added: “I was encouraged to give it a go and so I thought why not. Your health is your wealth, you only have one body and you have to look after it so here I am. It’s fun and as people get on in age they can still participate.”

Walking rugby is a fun team game that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are an established player or you’re new to the game, Walking Rugby is a much simpler version and less physical than a standard game of rugby, the aim is to participate, compete and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

Northwich Rugby Club has experienced a strong organic growth in recent years and its community involvement has acted as the catalyst in attracting many people back into playing and joining their town’s rugby club due to its various health and fitness benefits.