COMMUNITY sports initiatives are usually aimed at the younger generation, while walking rugby was initially open to people over 50 who wanted to take part in physical activity.

But at Northwich Rugby Club we wished to engage a wider population and all age groups through sport.

What we’re asked repeatedly and accused of occasionally is: “Is it really rugby?”

The answer of course is: “Absolutely!”

The evidence is equally clear, ask anybody who has been involved.

Yes, the pace of the game is slower.

Do we take it seriously? Of course we do (a ridiculous question really).

We train, we warm up, we don’t just show up to amble around.

You’d play alongside a complete novice and some very good ex-players who simply miss the game.

Ability or gender is no barrier to walking rugby, and all play together from teenagers to over 55s, so if you’ve considered playing but think it may be beneath you, it won’t be.

There is also a very social aspect to the game.

All participants are encouraged, post-exercise, into the clubhouse with emphasis on meeting like-minded people, mingling, and making new friends, while having a beverage and something warm to eat.

And it’s completely free.

The invitation to past players or new players is always there, if you’re interested.

You’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome. Every Monday 7pm at Moss Farm.

The banter can be a little harsh, but it’s fair…well maybe not always but it is all in good humour.

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