CO-MANAGER Wayne Goodison says 1874 Northwich made the most of conditions against Burscough yesterday.

Scott McGowan and Jake Parker scored before the break to give them a 2-0 victory to maintain their four-point lead at the top of the North West Counties League Premier Division table.

“It’s a difficult place to come and we knew that before the game,” Goodison said.

“Conditions weren’t ideal, but you’ve got to make the most of it and I think we did.

“Scotty is always going to score goals and Jake has been finding himself on the scoresheet a fair bit of late. He probably could have had a couple more as well.

“We’re pleased with where the goals came from.”

Goodison, who picks the team alongside Paul Bowyer, praised the impact of his midfield as they helped the Greens take hold of the game in less-than-ideal conditions.

“Matt Woolley plays an important part for us. He brings a calmness,” he said.

“On a day where the conditions aren’t great, you need that experience in there that players like Matt, Ryan Mitchell and Jonah (Mark Jones) provide.”