IMAGINE going to a football match and getting stuck in the loo!

And to be able to hear your mates outside having a good laugh about it.

Well that was the scene at Bootle on Saturday when 1874 Northwich fans played a trick on their pal.

It was probably the least sophisticated way of making sure a door doesn't open, but the yellow barrier propped up against the portable toilet block was certainly effective.

With 1874 playing so well, the poor chap inside was probably more worried about missing a goal than anything else.

At least he came out smiling when his friends finally decided enough was enough and it was time to free the Bootle 1.

And he would have gone home with a big grin on his face too after his heroes clocked up an impressive 4-1 victory in the crunch top-of-the-league encounter.

We're not sure if he will risk going to the lavatory again at a football match though after these antics.

Or maybe he will have his revenge and the 'Bootle' be on the other foot!