1874 Northwich co-manager Wayne Goodison felt the 4-0 victory at Squires Gate on Saturday was positive in many ways.

All four goals came in the opening half as the greens moved into top spot ahead of Tuesday night's clash with Hanley Town.

"I thought we were very good in the first half," he said.

"It's always difficult when you go to play teams who are struggling a little bit, changed the manager and brought good players in.

"You have to do your jobs and make sure you're right in what you do.

"And we did in the first half. We were very good.

"Perhaps we could have had another couple of goals in the first half but didn't.

"And then the second half is always going to be difficult because they made some changes and we probably took our foot off a little bit.

"We're a little bit disappointed with that, but ultimately we went for the three points, we went for the clean sheet and that's what we ended up with."

Goodison was also pleased to hand field time to players who have not had many minutes so far this season.

"James Ormrod was really good on Saturday," said Goodison.

"He's done well in training, done well in pre-season, and he's been a little unfortunate not to play more.

"He's a lot fitter now than he has been, and I think that shows.

"He's a good player and we knew that.

"In the two games he's played he's done really well."

Goodison added: "We managed to get young Jayden (Barrington) on in the second half.

"He's 17 and had chance to play some game time, so that was good.

"We had a few people that we needed to protect a little bit, so all in all it was a good day for us."

Striker Scott McGowan was missing but is due back against Hanley.

"We didn't want to risk Scotty on Saturday because he was just feeling his hamstring a little bit, so we thought we'd leave him out and that worked out fine.

"He'll be ok for Tuesday.

"Hanley are a strong side, always have been, and they'll work really hard.

"We'll need to be at the levels we were on Saturday."