1874 NORTHWICH are hoping to have goalkeeper Tony Aghayere available for Saturday’s FA Cup clash with Handsworth Parramore after a registration issue co-manager Wayne Goodison described as “unbelievably ridiculous.”

Despite signing a contract with 74 for this season, Aghayere has been unable to make an appearance this season thus far.

Nick Ward has been deputising and would do so again against the Sheffield outfit at Townfield, but Goodison, who picks the team alongside Paul Bowyer, hopes the situation will be resolved.

“We’ve got a registration issue with Tony, which is just unbelievably ridiculous from the FA but that’s just how it is,” he said.

“Hopefully, we will be able to get him cleared to play on Saturday.

“We’ve got Nick Ward who would be okay for Saturday if we can’t get Tony cleared, but ideally we want our regular goalkeeper in there.”

Ryan Mitchell could return for 74 after being forced off with a calf injury during Saturday’s 5-0 win at Charnock Richard, while Matthew Russell should also be fit to return.

Handsworth play at the same level as their hosts but in a different regional league and Goodison insists he and Bowyer will be fully briefed on what to expect.

“We’ve got a bit of information from them from the last round and we had them watched on Tuesday night.

“We’ll get a full report from that and then prepare as well as we can on Thursday night on what they can do to impact us and vice versa.”

“We’ll go in confident because we’re at home, but we’re playing a team from the same level from a different league.

“We’ll do our homework on them and see what we can come up with.”