THREE Northwich skaters contributed significantly to a Great Britain success on the world stage.

Eleanor Cameron, 21, Michela Vismara, 18, and Charlotte Caldwell, 17, featured among the Silver Blades Altrincham members that represented Great Britain at the World Open Inline Skating Championships in Italy, where they secured team bronze.

On top of this, Vismara won silver in the second division adult competition and team captain Cameron won bronze in the second division junior women category, while Caldwell was fifth in the latter.

Much of the training was completed at Winsford Lifestyle Centre.

Head Coach Donna McCarthy said: “Each skater should be very proud of what they have achieved.

"They worked hard and impressed everyone with their performance and their team spirit.”

It was the fourth year running the skaters have taken part.

Cameron was praised for her work as the team captain for this event in Fasarno, finishing behind Russia and Ireland in the final reckoning after each skater's finishing position was determined.

She encouraged all the older girls to mentor the younger skaters who had not been to this level of competition before.

And Cameron helped to 'further foster the family atmosphere the club has always had'.

The trio experienced a bigger competition this time around, being among 19 teammates and nearly 350 skaters from around the world.

Before the four days of skating began, they took part in an opening ceremony in Fasanro’s main square – an elaborate event in which each country's skaters entered the square behind their flag during a show of Italian history through music and dance.

The medals won by the Northwich pair were among four gold, four silver and two bronze won by the GB representatives.