A DECISION to host guests on fast greens is proving to be the right one for Mid Cheshire this season.

Carol Taylor told the Guardian that a success by 60 chalks against Wales at Norley on Sunday had put her side back in contention to reach the British Ladies’ County Championship semi-finals.

Five wins in the away leg in Prestatyn, three of those in the first four blocks, secured a 37-point success on aggregate that propels them up to second in the Section Three table.

“We’re right back in contention,” said Taylor, the team’s secretary.

“Having a green that’s flying helps us, and there was still a bit of run in it [at Norley] despite all the rain we’ve had.”

Wharton Cons trio Nicola Boulton – playing against her old side – Sue Worrall and Dawn Nield set them on course to a victory when they all triumphed to single figures.

Stacey Linegar (Winnington) matched that feat later, while eight winning cards secured a decisive 231-171 victory.

Wales, conquerors of South Staffordshire last month when Mid Cheshire lost to 2018 runners-up Shropshire, had to come from behind to prevail in the return at Meliden.

Norley duo Pat Newhouse and Joan Nicholas, plus Castle’s Jackie Ollier, all reached 21 to establish a 15-chalk lead after four jacks.

However Wales rallied to win each of the middle four blocks to wrestle back control.

Gill Tench and Hazel Williams, both members at Wharton Cons, were victors to leave Mid Cheshire 23 points behind by the finish.

They take on South Staffordshire, now eliminated, in their remaining group-stage game.


British Ladies’ County Championship

Section Three

Sunday, June 16

At Meliden, Prestatyn

Bev Taylor 21-18 Annie Jones (Castle)

Sue Vayro 15-21 Pat Newhouse (Norley)

Marilyn Lea 16-21 Jackie Ollier (Castle)

Belinda Lloyd 14-21 Joan Nicholas (Norley)

Megan Morris 21-16 Gill Rigden (Castle)

Haylea Carpenter 21-11 Lisa Downes (Castle)

Val Beaumont 21-18 Pat Kennedy (Wharton Cons)

Jenny Hadwin 21-2 Lyn Rankin (Norley)

Nia Jones 9-21 Gill Tench (Wharton Cons)

Miriam Forder 17-21 Hazel Williams (Wharton Cons)

Abigail Wynne-Jones 21-20 Elaine Garner (Norley)

Linda Williams 21-5 Linda Bell (Norley)

Wales 218-195 Mid Cheshire

At Norley

Nicola Boulton (Wharton Cons) 21-5 Amanda Nicholas

Sue Worrall (Wharton Cons) 21-7 Kay Newell

Dawn Nield (Wharton Cons) 21-6 Sarah Penlington

Rose Walker (Wharton Cons) 15-21 Aileen Coleman

Linda Hough (Norley) 21-12 Kara Singleton

Tamsin Birkett (Wharton Cons) 21-20 Donna Craven

Janet Cross (Davenham) 19-21 Jackie Egerton

Andrea Bell (Owley Wood) 20-21 Dawn McDougall

Cindie Mclean (Wharton Cons) 21-18 Sarah Nicholas

Dot Barker (Owley Wood) 21-11 Katelyn Morgan-Rowlands

Jennifer Oultram (Castle) 9-21 Sarah Hey

Stacey Linegar (Winnington) 21-8 Emily Gowen

Mid Cheshire 231-171 Wales

Mid Cheshire win by 37 chalks on aggregate