Sum up your initial reflections on the game 

It was a wonderful goal to win it, and we can’t argue with that. 

We’re disappointed with the opener though in so much as the ball shouldn’t have reached that part of the field in the first place. 

Was it a penalty? If I’m honest, it looked it from where we were stood. 

The lads on the pitch disagreed, and they argued that Dom Craig stood on the ball. 

It was a scrappy contest, certainly not an entertaining one. 

We wanted to get the first goal because we felt that would dictate how the rest of the match panned out. 

What about your response to falling behind? 

It’s frustrating because I felt we’d started the second-half well and we conceded an awful goal at precisely the moment we were on top. 

We’d put them under pressure but couldn’t make the breakthrough. 

It’s a cup tie, and so we had to chase things perhaps sooner than we might have done if it was a league fixture. 

We feel there isn’t much between us and them, something borne out again on the field, but they’ve come out on top. 

There was more than 30 fouls in the game, and Vics were responsible for 22 of those. How disruptive was that to you? 

It broke up the game. 

But when you set your team up, then you expect the opposition to come up with a way to counter it. 

That didn’t surprise us, but it’s true we didn’t flow in the way we’d like apart from in brief spells. 

With that in mind, those fouls presented 1874 with an opportunity to do damage from set-pieces. But those were so disappointing, no? 

The standard of our delivery was very poor. 

We spoke about that after the game because normally we’re better. 

But it was probably the 93rd minute before we crossed a ball with real quality and should have scored. 

It’s one of those things; lads don’t mean to not put the ball in the right area or to hit the first man but we certainly didn’t make the most of having so many free-kicks and corners. 

Did a lack of quality in the game overall surprise you given the teams’ form? 

It did, if I’m honest. 

Out of the three games between us, that’s the worst one. 

It’s the end of the season and there is some fatigue – both of us have had a lot of games recently. 

You tried to affect the game with positive substitutions. There was some success with that 

We’re not disappointed with how we finished the game. 

We were chasing it trying to score an equaliser, and Aaron Smith and Sam Hind both added something. 

There is no complaint from us about the application of anybody; there was plenty of effort, but it just wasn’t matched with quality. 

What have you learned, if anything? 

I think the main takeaway is that we can’t afford to have a night like that where we have so many set-pieces and just not create anything. 

If they could put it on a six-pence every time then they wouldn’t be playing at this level!