1874 NORTHWICH will continue talks with Cheshire FA about playing home games at a new facility even though it won’t be built in the town.

The governing body unveiled on Tuesday the preferred site for their Vision 20/20 development, which includes a proposal for a 3,000 capacity stadium, is Knights Grange in Winsford.

The team have played home games nearby, at Barton Stadium, since the club were formed in 2012.

“For now, our position hasn’t changed,” said Alex Dickinson, an 1874 board member.

“We’ll support this unless we can come up with a Plan B that’s better and that doesn’t exist right now.”

A memorandum of understanding between the two parties, signed late last year, pledged to work towards the club becoming a long-term tenant when a build is finished in 2021.

Cheshire FA wanted that to be in, or near to, Northwich before having to consider alternatives when the results of studies at their favoured location weren’t what they had hoped.

1874’s board promised members during their annual meeting in November they would be asked for their views if the proposal changed significantly.

Dickinson said: “We’re making plans already to do exactly that.

“It’s important that we explain the board’s position and share with supporters what we think after having our own initial discussion about where this leaves us.”

The Guardian understands there won’t be a vote, at least at this stage, on what the club should do next unless a fan instigates one.

In a statement issued shortly after Cheshire FA’s announcement, 1874 described an opportunity to be a partner in the scheme as ‘great’ because they can strengthen community links forged already.

Meanwhile they confirmed in September they will become tenants at Barnton from next season after signing an initial two-year ground-share agreement.

There is an option to extend that arrangement should both clubs wish to or if Cheshire FA’s facility isn’t ready.

Dickinson said: “We don’t know what might happen in two years’ time, which is why we want to keep our options open.”

He told the Guardian a search for land where they could build a ground of their own in Northwich had paused when 1874 approached Cheshire FA in the days after Vision 20/20 was initially introduced last May.

“Our work was put on the back-burner when those talks started,” said Dickinson.

“Nothing has been done on that since.”