FIVE losses at home for Cheshire players last weekend contributed to overall defeat against Shropshire.

It means the county side, stacked with players from the Mid-Cheshire Bowling Association, will not progress in this season's British Senior County Championship.

Mike Yearsley (Castle), Paul Dooley (Castle), Matt Thurlwell (Comberbach), Tom Vickers (Wharton Cons) and Glynn Cookson (Wharton Cons) were felled during a 215-210 home-leg victory at Hazel Pear in Acton Bridge.

But with the away leg going 223-206 in Shropshire's favour at The Elephant & Castle in Shawbury, Cheshire were overhauled 433-421 as their opponents celebrated a first victory of the campaign.

A huge 21-6 win by Wharton's Danny Nixon was unable to negate some of the impact of the home losses, while Andy Hamman (Castle) and Steve Morrey (Castle) also chalked up decent winning margins.

Cheshire lost by a single point to North Midlands in their opening game in May before defeating Merseyside by 13 chalks on aggregate last month.

However despite clocking up more - and conceded more - chalks than their rivals in their three matches, they finish third in Section Two after Merseyside pipped champions North Midlands to top spot.


British Senior County Championship

Section Two

Sunday, July 1

At Hazel Pear, Acton Bridge

Cheshire 215-210 Shropshire

Tom Vickers (Wharton Cons) 20-21 Michael Beer (Castlefields)

Andy Hamman (Castle) 21-14 Kiah Roberts (Burway)

Jason Cornes (Castle) 21-18 Peter Grimston (St Georges)

Glynn Cookson (Wharton Cons) 11-21 Chris Worthington (S J Bayley)

Danny Nixon (Wharton Cons) 21-06 Glyn Herbert (Castlefields)

Dave O'Brien (Castle) 21-18 Paul Williams (Castlefields)

Mike Yearsley (Castle) 17-21 Wayne Rogers (Burway)

Steve Curbishley (Castle) 21-20 Martin Lloyd (Chester Road)

Matt Thurlwell (Comberbach) 09-21 Spencer Clarke (S J Bayley)

Paul Dooley (Castle) 12-21 Rich Goddard (Castlefields)

Robert Winnington (Castle) 21-17 Adrian Rowe (Castlefields)

Steve Morrey (Castle) 21-12 Tom Roden (S J Bayley)

At The Elephant & Castle, Shawbury

Shropshire 223-206 Cheshire

Darren Wellings (Hanwood) 05-21 Tommy Johnstone (Houldsworth WMC)

Callum Wraight (Castlefields) 21-15 Dave Phillips (Lloyd Hotel)

Ashley Wellings (Hanwood) 21-20 Carl Armitage (Houldsworth WMC)

Colin Beaman (Hanwood) 21-09 Dave Baskerville (Knutsford)

Wayne Phillips (Hanwood) 20-21 Jamie Bramley (Lloyd Hotel)

Sam Millward (Newport) 21-17 Rob Lawrenson (Houldsworth WMC)

Josh Bradburn (Bowring) 21-14 Pete Smith (Lloyd Hotel)

Rob Roden (Bowring) 12-21 Noel Burrows (Sale Excelsior)

Derek Wright (Wem USC) 19-21 Neil Smith (Houldsworth WMC)

Dave Lloyd (Bowring) 21-13 Andy Birtles (Wilmslow BC)

Paul Reeves (Newport) 21-13 Lee Johnstone (Houldsworth WMC)

Andy Duckett (Castlefields) 20-21 Ben Phillips (Lloyd Hotel)

Shropshire win 433-421 on aggregate