MID Cheshire are on course to finish first after recording another victory in the British Ladies’ County Championship on Sunday.

Their success in a President’s Division encounter with Lancashire was built on an emphatic win, by 71 chalks, at Castle in the home leg.

They returned nine winning cards there, including wins to single-figures for Owley Wood duo Andrea Bell (21-3) and Dot Barker (21-9).

Five different clubs were represented.

Mid Cheshire held their own at Fleetwood Hesketh during the away leg too, missing out by nine points on aggregate.

Norley pair Joan Nicholas and Elaine Garner were impressive victors along with Alisha Marshall (Castle), Wendy Allen (Barnton Cricket Club) and Gill Tench (Wharton Cons).

Mid Cheshire’s next game is against Dudley and District, beaten in both their matches to date, on Sunday, July 15.


British Ladies' County Championship

President's Division

Sunday, June 17

At Castle, Northwich

Mid Cheshire 238-167 Lancashire

Viv Raddy (Castle) 21-16 Lisa Kerford

Sue Worrall (Wharton Cons) 19-21 Sara Mainwaring

Jennifer Oultram (Castle) 14-21 Mary Wrench

Rose Walker (Wharton Cons) 21-10 Sue Tuffy

Janet Cross (Davenham) 21-10 Lynn Higson

Tamsin Birkett (Wharton Cons) 21-15 Adele Chadwick

Andrea Bell (Owley Wood) 21-3 Michelle Tootle

Dot Barker (Owley Wood) 21-9 Barbara Dootson

Cindie McLean (Wharton Cons) 21-16 Janice Norman

Hazel Williams (Wharton Cons) 16-21 Gill Sutton

Stacey Linegar (Winnington) 21-11 Lynne Rimmer

Nicola Boulton (Wharton Cons) 21-14 Jackie Owen

At Fleetwood Hesketh

Lancashire 209-201 Mid Cheshire

Sue Ainscough 21-3 Annie Jones (Castle)

Phyllis Greenwood 15-21 Alisha Marshall (Castle)

Julie Sharpe 21-16 Jackie Ollier (Castle)

Gwen Clark 21-12 Pat Newhouse (Norley)

Cynthia Martin 12-21 Wendy Allen (Barnton Cricket Club)

Denise Bright 7-21 Gill Tench (Wharton Cons)

Tina Walmsley 21-14 Linda Bell (Norley)

Joanne Haslem 21-19 Sarah Johnson (Barnton Cricket Club)

Bev Sumner 17-21 Joan Nicholas (Norley)

Dawn Benn 21-12 Lyn Rankin (Norley)

Laura Consterdine 21-15 Jean Starkey (Castle)

Alma Cornthwaite 11-21 Elaine Garner (Norley)

Mid Cheshire win 439-376 on aggregate