A CLUB cyclist from Kingsley pedalled more than 200 miles in less than 14 hours in a mission to help earthquake survivors.

Jim Duffy, from Weaver Valley Cycling Club, joined three friends in the ride from Didsbury to London to support the British Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

The team, including Ross Gardner and brothers Andy and Matthew Neidhardt, set off from Manchester at 1.15am and cycled through temperatures that dropped as low as 1C and peaked as high as 37C before they reached the Nepalese Embassy in London just before 6pm.

They clocked a 13-and-a-half-hour total riding time and an average speed of 15.7mph over the 212-mile journey, tackling 11,500ft of climbing.

This was Jim's longest distance covered in a day to date.

"It was the first 60 to 70 miles that were hard," Jim said.

"But that worked in our favour really because we could just enjoy it then."

Enjoying cycling was an unexpected side-effect of getting fit for Jim, who only started cycling three years ago.

"I was nearly 18st a few years ago so decided to lose some weight," he said.

"I signed up for a triathlon and ended up with Weaver Valley Cycling Club because I wanted to get some cycling training and struggled to get the motivation to cycle on my own "I went on a number of short runs before I did the triathlon and spent the first couple of months hanging off the back.

"Following the triathlon I carried on cycling as a way of keeping the weight off and enjoy the camaraderie with all the guys.

"Within three months I stepped up to the long rides and have never looked back since."

Jim is now the club's kit man and the first port of call for new riders looking to sport the distinctive colours of Weaver Valley.

"At first you think you don't want to go out with all these people you don't know, holding them up," Jim said.

"But one thing about Weaver Valley is that everyone's that friendly, they encourage you and don't make you feel bad."

Jim joins in a cycling event for charity each year, with London to Paris last year and Manchester to Cardiff the year before.

He had sage advice for others looking to embark on a similar challenge.

"Don't underestimate it," he said.

"A lot of people sign up for these things and don't do any training.

"They think you can just turn up and do it but you can't – you've got to get the miles in your legs and have a structured regime."

His latest ride was inspired by his friends Ross and Matt, from Didsbury, whose friend was caught up in the earthquake, which happened in April.

Ross said: "When the earthquake hit Nepal, the whole world could see what devastation it had left behind.

"For myself and Matt it was even more personal as our good friend Raj had travelled from the UK back to Nepal to help care for a family member and we knew he was in an affected area.

"After contacting him we found that the family were safe and living in a temporary shelter.

"Not all were as lucky."

The team's ride took place on July 31 and they have raised more than £5,800 so far.

To donate visit justgiving.com/NepalVelo