BIKE to Work Day has inspired organisers in Northwich to investigate what more can be done to promote a two-wheeled commute.

The Gadbrook Park Bike to Work Day attracted around 100 riders, but organiser Steve Hall, from the park's Business Improvement District (BID), said he was hoping for more.

"The numbers who had ridden in last week matched last year with circa 100 riders, however I thought we might have increased this number a little as the park employs more than 5,000 people now and, after running this event for several years, more would have seen what's happening on each of the previous years and wanted to join in," he said.

Steve, who runs H&M Disinfection Systems at Gadbrook Park and cycles to work as often as he can, asked fellow workers for their thoughts.

"When I quizzed some of the riders and non riders the main obstacle is lack of showers and lockers, which I can understand and they would even pay to use one, not having a bike and the lack of safe cycling routes," he said.

"I will keep pushing the showers with the BID and we are doing something, hopefully, with cycling routes with the council."

He added: You know I think if employees were to just try it they would find that on some of the better days we have and through the summer cycling is actually a very enjoyable way of getting to work."

He emphasised that it needs to be safe and convenient but that it would solve a number of issues.

Steve said: "Parking on Gadbrook and congestion on the surrounding area is never going to improve only get worse but if a percentage of employees used alternative transport it could be possible to reduce this and it would aid those who have no choice, those with long journeys and with physical disabilities or commitments where they cannot use alternative transport.

"I have found out how great it is and use my bike when I can, frustrated at times with the weather and my work commitments which make it impossible, but I will definitely be riding in to avoid the Cheshire Show chaos."