A CYCLING challenge with a mountain to climb is back by popular demand this summer.

The Roberts Bakery Charity Challenge will see adventurers cycling to the base of Snowdon on Saturday, June 6, before climbing to the peak on Sunday, June 7.

Organiser Rob Newton, from the Rudheath bakery, said: “This is the fourth year we’ve done a cycle challenge for charity.

“In the first year we did this event and people have asked for it again because it was a great couple of days.

“You don’t expect people to be up for that big a challenge but they are - they genuinely liked the camaraderie and the challenge.”

Cycling is a growing passion at the bakery, in Gadbrook Park, where staff formed the cycle club Roberts Rollers following the first charity challenge.

“The weather’s not been too kind so far this year but people are still doing it and we’re getting more and more involved all the time,” Rob said.

“We’re now finding that disparate groups go out together.

“You get some guys that are really good at cycling and they will go away and do a ride and then some of the other guys will do a ride.

“We combine it now and then so there’s a bit of coaching by those who are better than others.”

This year’s challenge is in aid of Claire House and Breast Cancer Support and is open to the public as well as bakery staff.

Participants will cycle 100 miles, with the route following quieter roads, before climbing, on foot, five miles up Snowdon on the second day.

The bakery has also organised for a bus to take supporters to Snowdon to cheer on their loved ones.

Entering the challenge costs £10 and the bus costs £4.

For more information visit robertsbakery.co.uk/our-soft-fluffy-charity-challenge.