THE GUARDIAN’S Pedal Power campaign was given a ringing endorsement by cycling enthusiast Boris Johnson on his visit to Northwich.

The Mayor of London and newly elected MP for Uxbridge and Ruislip South has been instrumental in transforming cycling culture in the capital with the help of ‘Boris Bikes’.

He thinks the two-wheeled form of transport makes perfect sense in Northwich.

“You’ve got massive potential for cycling in this area,” he said.

“It’s flat and you’ve got lovely canal and river areas that could be used.”

The Pedal Power campaign is primarily about inspiration – encouraging people out on their bikes by sharing stories from other cyclists, offering tips and advice about different types of cycling and showcasing events so that readers can get involved.

The campaign is also part of a Northwich Neighbourhood Plan spin-off group which is working with Sustrans on a blueprint for better cycling infrastructure in Northwich.

We asked Boris for his tips and suggestions on how to grow cycling in the area.

He said: “You’ve got to have a culture that makes motorists accept that they are going to find bikes on the road and shouldn’t treat them as invaders.

“You should also put some cycle lanes in – a spot of paint never did any harm, splat a bit of paint on the roads where you can.

“You can do segregated lanes – it’s expensive but creates space.

“You can try mini cycle hire schemes but you wouldn’t necessarily get the volumes.

“I think it’s mainly about more cycle lanes and cycle stands.

“We’ve got huge population growth in London and there’s massive pressure on the buses and tube network.

“Air quality has been getting better but needs to get much better.

“There’s an obesity problem and kids not taking enough exercise.

“All these problems are addressed by cycling and people who cycle arrive to work in a ridiculously good mood.

“It’s the right way for an urban economy like ours.

“Good luck with your campaign – I endorse it as powerfully as I can.”

Mr Johnson’s stance was backed up by re-elected Weaver Vale MP Graham Evans who told the Guardian improving cycling infrastructure in the area is one of his top priorities for the next five years.

“I want there to be cycle lanes for cyclists to come in and out and travel through the constituency,” he said.

“It’s something I would look to pursue with the Department for Transport and Cheshire West and Chester Council.”

He explained that he wanted to see the rail network and public transport infrastructure improved, including better links with cycling.

“There’s no thought to the integration of a simple thing like cycling,” he said.

“You can cycle around Weaver Vale and greater Cheshire quite easily but there’s no thought to coming into town and parking your bike.”