A PHENOMENAL effort saw eight cyclists ride more than 1,037 miles between them in 24 hours.

The two teams of four took to Wattbikes in a relay at The Old Star in Winsford to pedal the equivalent of a journey from London to Paris and back between 9am on Saturday until 9am on Sunday.

Carol Roberts, who organised the challenge in memory of her mum Ann Emmott, said: "The hardest thing was having to get back on the bike.

"Once you were on you were very very focussed on what you had to do but then you would get off, have something to eat, have a bit of massage then muster the courage to put yourself through that pain again."

The cyclists were Lisa Gordon, Karl Bradley, Carl Ruebotham, Claire Myler, Kate Clare, Andy White and Alan Clark.

They were trained for free by Ged O'Hara, from Cheshire Power Cycling, and were given much needed physio during the day by Ian Gordon and Dave Hamlet.

Carol also thanked Ernie Welch, from The Old Star, for letting the teams take over the pub, and Wattbike and My Protein for sponsoring the event.

"The support we had was just amazing," she said.

The challenge was to raise money for Scoliosis Association UK and St Luke's Hospice.

For more information search for 'Wattbike charity challenge' on Facebook.