POLICE are urging people not to ride their bikes in pedestrianised areas or on footpaths.

Officers from Northwich fined a cyclist for riding and doing stunts in Witton Street and are keen to appeal to everyone to keep the town safe for all.

PCSO Barbara Billington said: “The point we are trying to make is that we don’t want to persecute people we just want to make the town centre a safe place for all members of the public to come to.

“If people are riding through town in an unsafe manner and doing tricks then that’s when we’re going to give them a ticket.”

She said that cycling on pavements or in pedestrianised areas was subject to a £50 fine.

“Unfortunately sometimes the only way to get the message across is to get tough,” she said.

PSCO Billington said this was an issue that had been raised with police on a number of occasions.

“We do get stopped all the time by people saying they have been nearly knocked over by someone riding a bike,” she said.

“We’ve had a very positive reaction from members of the public who have seen us issuing tickets and they’re thanking us.

“The message is that we are encouraging people to get out on their bikes and keep healthy and fit but want it to be safe for everyone.”