AN ADDICTION to long distance cycling cannot be quelled by calamity for a Winsford dad hoping to inspire others and help the next generation.

Phil Scott is one of many UK cyclists who enjoy the challenge of enormous distances and is a member of Audax UK, the biggest long distance cycling association in the world.

The 42-year-old is organising two rides under the Audax UK banner to raise money for 2nd Wharton Scouts, where he is the chairman.

Like many cyclists Phil, who has two children aged 10 and 13, turned to the bike when he picked up a knee injury through running.

He discovered Audax UK and a penchant for covering long distances, riding 100 miles then covering 300km and 400km in training for L’Étape du Tour.

His longest ride was a 1,400km four-day endurance trial from London to Edinburgh and back again.

“The further you go, the more addictive it gets,” he said.

He used to pack in the training every day on a lengthy commute from Winsford to work in Birkenhead but two near misses put him off the busy route.

“I got knocked off my bike twice and you’ve got to draw the line somewhere,” he said.

“Both times was in summer on a sunny day at 6am – the drivers weren’t paying attention, they were on auto pilot on their way to work.

“I still suffer with a bad back now.

“But I figured that you can’t just give up and let it win, you’ve got to keep going out.

“I just do Audax routes now because they’re ususally on the country lanes and not in busy streets and I go out with other people.

“I love it and I can’t let being knocked off my bike put me off.”

Phil has planned two routes for the Scout fundraiser, a 160km Edale Run ride and a 200km Scouting Mam Tour ride.

Both will take place on March 16 and the entrance fee is £7, which will go to 2nd Wharton Scouts.

“The route is good – it’s one of my favourite routes because it’s so scenic,” he said.

“Club cyclists would enjoy it, they can do 100 miles easily anyway but this would be a bit more of a challenge for them.”

For more information or to enter, visit for the 160km Edale ride and for the 200km Scouting Mam Tour ride.