A FASCINATING selection of programmes from the 1940s reveals a very different Northwich to the one we know today.

John Reeney, from Rudheath, brought in the historic booklets to share with Remember When readers.

The most intriguing is a programme for Northwich Salute the Soldier Week, from April 22 to 29, 1944.

This was an enormous fundraising drive, organised by Northwich Savings Committee, to raise £250,000 to equip and clothe two battalions of the Cheshire Regiment.

The introduction to the programme said: "This is our opportunity to 'march with Tommy' in the great onslaught on Hitler's stronghold.

"'Salute The Soldier' – not as a mere slogan, but truly and with pride.

"And, as a symbol of our respect, let everyone of us lend out utmost support to this great Savings Campaign."

The campaign was opened by George Gibson, vice president of the National Savings Movement.

Events throughout the week included an official opening at Witton Albion FC's ground and a parade and salute at the Bull Ring,

There were whist drives at the Baths Hall, in Victoria Road, and a number of dances, also at the Baths Hall, with music from the RAF Fians Famous Band, the American WBS Dance Band and the Cestrian Band.

ICI (Alkali) Band played at Broadhursts (Gadbrook) Ltd, WJ Yarwood and Sons and Primrose Hill.

All week at the Pavilion Theatre, which no longer exists, there were performances of 'Salute the Soldier', billed as a speciality show twice nightly featuring Miss Oakes and her students.

Woolworth's stores hosted a 'Salute the Soldier' exhibition, which featured some of the 'latest and deadliest weapons for the second front.

The back cover features photographs of soldiers and a sketched solder saying 'Come on – we're all in it together! I'll keep the front line safe if you'll "stand firm" behind me'.

Do you remember Northwich Salute the Soldier Week? Did the town reach its £250,000 fundraising target?

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