MEMORIES of big band tunes and dancing fit to collapse a floor have been prompted by the rediscovery of this 1950s photograph.

The picture shows a band called The Semi-Quavers playing at The Drill Hall, in Darwin Street, on December 1, 1950.

Donald Blackhurst, from Hartford, shared the photo with the Guardian after his sister Doris Hine, 87, found it during a sort-out.

Doris was married to the band leader Frank Hine, who played both the saxophone and trombone.

Donald said: “Doris was going through some pictures and came across this.

“The Semi-Quavers were a local band at the time and performed in Middlewich, Knutsford, Northwich and all over the local area.

“My wife and I danced to this band in Holmes Chapel in our younger days.

“They played all the modern music of 1950 – big band music that was good for a dance.”

Doris and Frank lived in St Anne’s Road, in Middlewich, when they were first married and it was in Middlewich that one of the band’s legendary concerts took place.

“They played a lot in Middlewich,” Donald said.

“My sister told me a story that when they played at Middlewich Town Hall they had to close it – there were so many people there that the floor could have collapsed.”

Doris could remember most of the faces on this photograph and pictured, from left, are Mo Buckley, Geoff Poole, an unknown musician, Tony Woodridge, Syd Spilsbury, Mr Millington, the compere, Frank Hine and David Birtwistle.

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