MEMORIES of a musical revolution have been prompted by the demise of Northwich Memorial Hall.

Alan Large, better known as DJ Jason Judge when he was the Morg’s resident DJ in the 1960s and 70s, got in touch with the Guardian to share his tales from a time when mobile discos were a new innovation.

The Cuddington man remembers the days when he helped lead a transformation in Northwich’s music scene, rubbing shoulders with big names like Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker and persuading Radio One to broadcast live from the hall.

“In 1967 there wasn’t any DJs or mobile discos in Northwich so me and a guy called Les Wright decided to start up,” he said.

“We went to a place called Poole’s in Davenham, told them what we were trying to do and they stuck two record players together with some speakers and we started playing records.

“We called ourselves Sound Scene and were the first to do wedding receptions as there wasn’t much of that in those days.”

The 62-year-old was inspired to kick-start the music scene at Northwich Memorial Hall after going to the Twisted Wheel club in Manchester, which showcased up and coming bands like The Steam Packet.

Alan said: “The lead singer was Rod Stewart and he was quite friendly with us – we used to take the mickey out of Rod.

“But there was nothing like that around here at all.

“We said to Gordon Vickers (the Memorial Hall’s promoter) ‘there’s a gap here in Northwich’ and it really caught on – every Saturday it was absolutely packed to the rafters.

“We had all of these big bands on and persuaded a producer in London to bring the Radio One Club here.

“Dave Lee Travis was the main DJ on the night and I was there as DJ Jason Judge – I interviewed a band called Hot Legs, who went on to be 10cc.

“Northwich was the centre of the universe then, it was amazing, but it all fell apart when the big clubs opened and bands became more and more expensive to book. It brings back a lot of memories.”

Northwich Memorial Hall has been closed to make way for a new llifestyle and cultural centre called Memorial Court.