One UK ticket has scooped a £123 million EuroMillions jackpot – the third biggest prize since the draw launched in 2004.

The ticketholder is yet to be named and it is unknown if it is a single person, a family or a syndicate.

If the winner is an individual, their new-found fortune would catapult them into the Sunday Times Rich List of the 1,000 wealthiest people living in the UK or with British business links.

The current record-holders for the biggest ever lottery win are Colin and Chris Weir, from Largs in North Ayrshire, Scotland, who won £161 million in 2011.

The couple, who announced they were divorcing in April, made a £1 million donation to the Scottish National Party following their win.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford, from Suffolk, took home more than £148 million in August 2012. They separated a year later.

Although EuroMillions is played in nine European countries, four of the biggest jackpots in 2019 have been claimed in the UK.

Prior to this week’s draw, the biggest prize in 2019 was in a special draw on New Year’s Day when Patrick and Frances Connolly, from Northern Ireland, won £114.9 million.

They followed builder Andrew Clark, 51, from Boston, Lincolnshire, who discovered in November that he had scooped £76 million, six weeks after the draw.

Ade Goodchild, from Hereford, banked £71 million in March and an anonymous ticket-holder won £35.2 million in April.

The top 20 biggest winners, ahead of the latest UK win, are:

July 12 2011, £161,653,000, Colin and Chris Weir, Largs

August 10 2012, £148,656,000,  Gillian and Adrian Bayford, Haverhill

April 24 2018, £121,328,187, No publicity

January 1 2019, £114,969,775.70, Frances and Patrick Connolly, County Armagh

October 8 2010, £113,019,926, No publicity

March 14 2014, £107,932,603.20, Neil Trotter, Surrey

October 7 2011, £101,203,600.70, Dave and Angela Dawes, Wisbech

June 12 2015, £93,388,943.90, No publicity

June 30 2017, £87,570,000, No publicity

May 14 2010, £84,451,320.60, No publicity

May 28 2013, £81,381,673.30, No publicity

February 23 2018, £77,798,898.10, No publicity

November 2 2018, £76,369,806.80, Andrew Clark, Boston, Lincolnshire

May 2 2014, £73,205,659.50, No publicity

March 15 2019, £71,057,439, Ade Goodchild, Hereford

July 29 2016, £61,102,442.90, Monmouth family syndicate, Monmouthshire

July 10 2018, £57,975,367.70, Fred and Lesley Higgins, Aberdeenshire

February 12 2010, £56,008,113.20, Nigel Page, Cirencester

March 31 2015, £53,193,914, Richard and Angela Maxwell, Coningsby

April 12 2016, £51,818,873.70, No publicity