Tensions after the G7 summit and impending crunch Brexit votes in the Commons top the headlines on Monday.

The Times reports that Donald Trump’s relations with his European allies “sank to a new low” as he arrived in Singapore for talks with Kim Jong Un.

The US president provoked another row with his western counterparts when he revealed he would not sign a G7 communique that had been agreed by the world leaders, and hit out at Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, the paper adds.

The Financial Times says Mr Trump had left the west in “disarray” and reports that it was the most acrimonious G7 summit in a generation, while the Metro says the president’s angry tweets came as he “cosies up” to Mr Kim.

Mr Trump’s chief economic adviser claimed Mr Trudeau had “stabbed us in the back”, The Guardian reports, with the president describing the PM as “dishonest and weak”.

The paper leads, however, on calls for the police and parliament to investigate the links between the millionaire Brexit donor Arron Banks and the Russian government.

The Daily Telegraph also features Mr Trump’s Twitter outburst on its front page, reporting that his attack on Mr Trudeau was a demonstration of strength as he prepares for tomorrow’s summit with North Korea.

The paper leads on a new campaign, calling for media and online gaming firms to have a statutory “duty of care” to protect children from mental ill health, abuse and addictive behaviour.

Meanwhile, an important week in the Brexit process makes the front of the i, which says the Tories are rallying for a “showdown” in the Commons.

Cabinet ministers are increasingly confident they can win crunch votes on EU withdrawal, the paper adds.

The Sun claims that Britain’s new £100 million F-35 Lightning jets are protected by a 5ft picket fence, calling them a “sitting duck for terrorists”.

And Corrie star Bill Roache tells the Daily Mirror he has forgiven those who falsely accused him of sex abuse.

Elsewhere, the Daily Express reports that millions of heart failure patients could be saved thanks to a new stem cell therapy being tested in Britain, while the Daily Star says forecasters are predicting a three-month heatwave for Britain.