FIFTY members and three visitors attended Hartford’s annual meeting.

The minutes for 2014/15 and accounts were approved by the members present together with the secretary giving an account of the various activities, speakers and trips undertaken during the year.

Judith Kennedy read out a Cheshire Resolution with regard to care in hospital for patients with dementia.

Reports from the arts, bowls, bridge, darts, dinner, music and Scottish Country Dancing clubs were also given.

Sadly, Allison Hutton reported that December 7 would be the last meeting for the Scottish Dancing and she was thanked for all her hard work as the club has been running for 32 years.

The Vale Royal Group delegate also gave her report of the year.

Pam Lamb, President, thanked everyone for their hard work and support during 2015.

The Lil Moore Cup went to Lyndsay Latham for her beautiful beaded cup and saucer.

Other presentations went to members who entered the monthly competitions: 1st place, winning the Royce Cup, went jointly to Judith Kennedy and Pam Forster and runner-up, receiving the New Zealand Spoon, went to Mavis Green.

Pam Lamb was re-elected as President for 2016. Members were reminded that the committee is desperate for new members for 2016