8E Railway Association by David Hawkes

For Phil Braithwaite's third presentation to members of the 8E Railway Association he returned to the theme of ‘British Steam in the 1960s’. That he can revisit this era and captivate his audience without repetition illustrates his enthusiasm for capturing what was clearly the demise of British Railways steam.

The earliest images were taken on monochrome film and such pictures always exude character, be it an apocryphal sky full of smoke and steam or a scene of grime and decay. The detail was stunning. However, with more money, better cameras and the increasing availability, speed and reliability, colour film became the medium of choice.

The selection of images reflected the accessibility of sites by foot, bicycle and public transport. There were locations around his home town of Warrington and his employment in Trafford Park, together with trips and holidays to all parts of the country. The shed at Northwich was of local interest, as were the water troughs at Moore. Apart from the locomotives the infrastructure has changed out of recognition. Telegraph poles, jointed track, platelayers and other small huts, semaphore signals are increasingly difficult to find. And the lack of trees beside the track made photography much easier than today. Another fascinating evening!

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 8, in the Gladstone Club, Northwich. This will be the Annual General Meeting, followed by members' slides. Visitors are welcome. For details see the website 8erailwayassociation.org.uk or contact Paul Tench on 07790 486 735.