THE AGM on October 21 was opened by chairman Janice Jackson who gave her Annual report.

Membership has now reached 400 and 33 Groups.

The group leaders were thanked for their hard work and due to the waiting lists new leaders will be welcomed.

Treasurer Mr Ernie Styles has retired after holding the office since the group’s inception.

In recognition for his services he was presented with a token of appreciation.

Angela Stagg has agreed to be co-opted to the committee with a view to becoming the new treasurer.

Mr Styles will also be co-opted for a year to enable the hand over to run smoothly.

Two more committee members retired after their three years in office and two new members were welcomed, Norman Williams and Jean Foster.

The date of the next AGM was decided. Chutneys and preserves, the Needles Group raffle and craft items were on sale, raising money for St Luke’s Hospice.

The entertainment was Cockney Carol and ukulele.

This was a programme of music hall songs and all were encouraged to sing along with her.

After a good sing song Carol was thanked for her contribution.

The next meeting will take place on November 18, when the speaker will be Eric Jennings, whose talk is On the Fiddle.