THIS month’s meeting started with a minute’s silence and a tribute from founder member Maurice Monks to long time member and friend John Sanson.

Frank Samuel chaired the meeting with a theme of ‘Hobbies’. Starting with 'Educational Training’, the ‘Word’ followed by speeches from Eric Jennings on his public spirited scheme of ‘Litter Picking’ with the hope of encouraging other residents to follow his example in Frodsham.

Peter Turner gave an informative and interesting talk on ‘Magic’ showing members the first trick he performed in front of the teaching staff at his school.

Doug Pass managed to get frustrations off his chest with ‘And Another Thing’ This was followed by topics' chairman Bernard Marron who gave members three minutes each to talk on a hot topic in the country ‘In or Out of Europe’?

There is an inter-club guest meeting on Wednesday, November 16 at the Belong Centre Loushers Lane Warrington for 7.30pm. Guests welcome.