PRESIDENT Helen Ebbitt confirmed that Norley WI’s resolution ‘Appropriate care in hospitals for people with dementia’ had been shortlisted by the Federation Resolution Shortlist Selection Representatives.

The other shortlisted resolutions are: 1. Ban the microbead; 2. British fruit: reviving our heritage; 3. Free sanitary protection for homeless women; 4. Prevention of sudden cardiac death in young adults in the UK; 5. First aid to save lives; 6. Mind or body – equal funding for care; 7. Avoid food waste, address food poverty.

June Corner, a collector of curiosities, asked members to identify various items.

This was a steep challenge and a real eye-opener in some cases.

There was a particular Victorian item that not only caused great hilarity but also made the group re-think their ideas.

One curiosity however has been in June’s possession and she has so far not been able to identify it. Do you know?

The item, shown by baffled WI member Anne Crawford, is supposedly used in book-binding. If you have any idea what it is, contact

Diary dates: November 21 oil painting workshop; December 5 Christmas dinner, Delamere Park Clubhouse; January 2, 2016 New Year Walk – lunch at the Blue Cap; January 28, 2016 The Girls – Gary Barlow/Tim Firth musical at the Lowry