TO MARK the 65th birthday of Norley WI member Alison Penny baked a celebratory cake to the receipt of the cake which was presented to her Majesty the Queen at the centenary celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall.

Alison is pictured left with the president Helen Ebitt cutting the cake.

After the cake was enjoyed Stephen Watson introduced the members to the fine art of Origami.

He explained that Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding without using glue, staples or scissors. Traditionally Origami is used to make animals, flowers and decorative objects.

However, Stephen explained that origami is now used in mathematics and engineering principles. For more very interesting information on this, watch a TED lecture given by Robert Lang, who pioneered this approach, entitled “The math and the Magic of Origami.

Following this, all members were handed paper and - no, not scissors – a wooden stick and ended up making a beautiful box.