WI members and visitors were thrilled to meet handsome, fiery eyed Dennis at this month’s meeting. Dennis, was an eagle owl - the oldest and most docile of Vale Royal Falconry Centre’s owls. Nanette Hudson from the centre also brought a little owl, a tawny owl and a barn owl along with her.

She explained how to spot whether they were daytime or night hunters by looking at their eyes (dark for night and yellow for day) and the type of countryside they favoured for hunting and type of prey.

Members were allowed to touch them and a couple had the chance to fly the beautiful barn owl up and down the hall.

The Village Show was discussed and how well it had gone, with an excellent number of art and photography entries this year.

The walking group is now moving from evenings to afternoons. Darts practices are starting up again with the team hoping to enter the County competition this year following winning the Group event three years running!

Future events proposed were a trip to see behind the scenes at a supermarket and having a go at Segwaying at Blakemere Craft Centre.

For further information go to whitegatewi.weebly.com or ring 01606 888359.

The next meeting is at 7.30pm on Wednesday, November 4, when it will be the AGM.