A LETTER was read out from the Children's Adventure Trust in appreciation of £185 raised at the September meeting.

The speaker Hannah Sadler from Snugbury’s Ice Cream told the history of her family’s business which started in 1986 as a small farm shop run from the kitchen window with excess milk from the dairy herd made into ice cream using the Kenwood mixer.

In the 1990’s the barn was renovated to provide a larger shop, and a grant from the Minister of Agriculture. was approved to upscale organic production.

In 2001 the dairy herd was sold and the barn refurbished and opened by Pete Waterman to showcase the large variety of flavours available, all made from natural ingredients and locally sourced cream.

A special champagne and strawberry one was produced for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

One of Snugbury's advertising features consists of strawbale figures including a Dalek, Big Ben and the Millennium Dome, these are very unusual and can be easily seen from the road.

May Martin gave an expression of thanks.

An embroidered banner depicting the newly restored Round Tower was on display, this is the entry for the Dane Grove Cup to be decided at the Group meeting in October at Winsford Academy.

Taster pots of ice cream were enjoyed, then traditional Victoria sponge and fizz were served as a celebration of the WI's100th anniversary.

The competition for a holiday souvenir was won by Jan Mitten.

The AGM will be held in November with a competition for a sock puppet.