Winsford History Society by Glyn Walker

At this month’s meeting of Winsford History Society Mr Tony Bostock related the life story of a little known Cheshire mariner, Sir George Beeston. His effigy lies in Bunbury Church. As the talk unfolded the audience surprisingly discovered that George Beeston, along with Drake, Frobisher and Hawkins, was one of the foremost English sailors instrumental in defeating the Armada in 1588. Sir George, Lord of the Manor of Beeston served in a military role under four monarchs, Henry VIII, Edward, Mary and Elizabeth, and became commander of the warship Dreadnaught at the time of the Spanish Armada.

The Armada has been described as one of the most decisive sea battles of the world and led to the downfall of Spain and the ascendancy of England as a great maritime power. Even though the Armada story is remarkable, even more remarkable is that Sir George Beeston was reputed to be 89 years old at the time. He died in 1601.

The next meeting of the History Society on Monday November 2, will be a return visit of Elizabeth Morris who will act out the story of a Winsford girl in Victorian times who lived in the Northwich Workhouse.