A FORMER checkout operator from Davenham found she loved talking to customers so much it inspired her to set up her own business.

Sally Beckingham swapped the tills in Sainsbury’s for a career in hypnotherapy so she could have a more hands-on role with people.

The 44-year-old, who qualified as a hypnotherapist last year, is now practising the alternative therapy in her home town – while studying for a counselling qualification too.

She told the Guardian: “When I was at Sainsbury’s I was amazed at how much people told me about themselves in just that few minutes it takes to serve them. I liked talking to all the customers and people liked me so much that I won a couple of awards for good service.

“One dear lady baked me the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted as a thank you for serving her so well.

“Another gentleman used to come in to see me every week, saying it was the highlight of his week.

“It was a big risk me leaving my checkout job, but I decided to do a diploma in hypnotherapy and counselling and set up my business.”

Sally, who lives in Davenham with husband, Ivan, and their two children, said: “I left Sainsbury’s in October and my business is called Castaway Hypnotherapy.

“Hypnotherapy is a wonderful alternative therapy and can help with so many issues – weight loss, quitting smoking, phobias, stress and anxiety to name but a few,” said Sally.

For more information visit castaway-hypnotherapy.co.uk.