MIDDLEWICH Clean Team’s founder says that better, safer parks are what the young people of the town deserve.

The community group, which has more than 200 members, is backing the Guardian’s Fair Play campaign urging Cheshire East Council to improve Middlewich’s play spaces.

Many parents feel that their parks are neglected with damaged play equipment, graffiti and chipped paint being commonplace.

Janet Chisholm, who established the Clean Team a decade ago, said: “It’s so vital we get the facilities the young people of this town deserve.

“I don’t understand why our parks can be allowed to get in this state. I think the problem’s being ignored.

“It’s Cheshire East Council’s responsibility to maintain our playgrounds to a statutory level and I don’t think that’s happening.

“I believe the council has got to step up to the mark and send inspectors to have a look at what were grumbling about.

“What must visitors to Middlewich think? They must think it’s a really rundown area.”

Clean Team member Maxine Wrench added: “To drive past the dilapidated Kings Lock park every day and see the youth of Middlewich ‘making do’ with substandard equipment is quite heartbreaking.

“The youth who use, not abuse, the park deserve better.

“Children will continue to use the equipment in its appalling state because that’s all they have.

“I really feel that it is time for local councillors to work together on this very important issue.”

A petition on the Guardian’s website appealing for better, safer play parks has almost 200 signatures.

Janet said: “I urge parents to come forward, contact their Cheshire East representatives, sign the petition and get involved for the benefit of their children.”