A FORMER Lostock Gralam man has delved into the evolution of the universe and mankind to produce and present a new television series.

David Boyle, who used to live in Manchester Road in the 1970s, vowed his 24 programmes entitled Workings of the Universe, would be the ‘most controversial’ shows ever aired on television.

The 64-year-old was well-known in mid Cheshire for both his role importing tens of thousands of birds for his Ministry of Agriculture quarantine station and as a founder of the Dapol model railway company.

David decided to create his own moulds and structures for model railways after discovering his own set in his loft, which led to an expansion into Queen Street, Northwich, and Winsford.

And after re-locating to Blackpool, the researcher, author and inventor, hosted a number of UFO and Dr Who exhibitions and it was these that sparked his interest in the paranormal.

David said his new shows, which reject the theory of the Big Bang and consider the history of the Egyptian Pyramids, as well as classing angels as ‘extra-terrestrial’ alien beings, would include a series of videos, lectures and information.

“I had many experiences that didn’t fit with the stories that everyone was telling us,” he said.

“I thought it was time to investigate these experiences and explain them, before we start telling everyone a particular story.”

He added: “Somebody has got to tell people the truth and tell people what is going on.

“Money controls the world and the world is controlled by a small, elite group.

“The most important thing to me is that we share truth and information.

“Everybody should know everything.”

David said he was pleased with the work of his team in his television debut and happy with the results.

And aside from his investigations, David explained he has recently created a magnifying glass, believed to be the largest in the world.

“I have had the most adventurous life you can imagine,” he added.

>The Workings of the Universe, produced for Edge Media, will be aired on Sky Channel 200.

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