A GREAT grandmother from Leftwich was left traumatised when her granddaughter’s pet was ripped from her arms and savaged by another dog.

Fortunately Ted, a pomeranian dog, was saved from serious injury by his furry coat.

Brenda Bond, 64, was walking Ted outside the shops in Clifton Drive at 11.30am on Saturday.

She said: “There were two little girls behind me and this big massive dog came running up at me.

“Ted was in a harness and I picked him up in my arms but the big dog was ragging at my dog’s tail and he ripped my little dog right through his harness.

“I was screaming and someone said I collapsed.

“I hit the big dog with the lead.

“I was hysterical and the neighbours were trying to get me in the house.”

Brenda, of Balmoral Avenue, was walking Ted on behalf of her granddaugher Demi-Lee, who was looking after her three-week-old baby girl Evie-Lee.

Demi-Lee has two dogs, 18-month-old Ted and three-year-old Tilly Minx, who was not out with Brenda and Ted on Saturday.

Brenda said: “What saved my pom is his fur, he’s a really furry-coated dog.

“If it had been the other dog she would have been dead.

“We took him to the vets and he’s got that many puncture marks all round his private parts.”

Brenda said there were two heroes that managed to separate the dogs, one who kept Ted safe down an alley and another who kept the bigger dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, at bay.

Brenda said: “If I hadn’t been there with my little dog, would the two little girls behind me have been the next target?”

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said: “The dog received minor injuries.

“No members of the public were attacked or received injuries.

“The owners of both animals were spoken to by police.

“No offences were reported.”